Andrew Schenk

Work Experience

  • Founder, Chimp Studios  - Jan/2009  - present - Bloomington, IL

    ⇢ Created and maintained apps used by hundreds of thousands of customers.
    ⇢ Full stack development using Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, HTML.
    ⇢ Negotiated contracts with affiliate resellers and promotional groups.

  • Co-Owner, Red Brick Apartments - Aug/2016 - present - Bloomington, IL

    ⇢ Analyzed market rents to maximize gross income.
    ⇢ Evaluated cost/benefits of different housing upgrades.
    ⇢ Managed a portfolio of residential units and fostered working relationships.

  • Lead Mac/iOS Developer, FIPLAB Ltd. - Oct/2011 - May/2012 - London, UK

    ⇢ Led development of top ranking apps.
    ⇢ Provided tier 3 customer support.
    ⇢ Advised executives on future projects and timelines.

  • Previous Experiences:

    ⇢ Summer intern for State Farm Inc., 9 weeks in 2009.

Side Projects

  • Machine Learning

    Tensorflow project to retrain existing image classifier to new material.


    Native objective-c framework to interact with Open Financial Exchange (OFX) specification.

  • AmCharts Wrapper

    Open source objective-c wrapper for the popular javascript charting library.


2009 B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Millikin University

⇢ Concentration in computer science. Conducted a project on swarm robotics.


Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Java, Git, Ruby, Google Analytics