Andrew Schenk

Work Experience

  • Lead Developer, Linx Systems - May/2018 - Present - Bloomington, IL

    ⇢ Managed a team of cross-discipline programmers.
    ⇢ Rewrote flagship mobile app in 3 months using React Native and shrunk codebase by 92%.
    ⇢ Branched out from initial iOS responsibilities to include Android and ReactJS.
    ⇢ Hardened product security with two factor authentication.
    ⇢ Met with clients and fostered working relationships with continuous support.

  • Founder, Chimp Studios  - Jan/2009  - May/2018 - Bloomington, IL

    ⇢ Published macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS apps used by hundreds of thousands.
    Internally developed and maintained apps such as Stock + (macOS), Exchange It (macOS, iOS, watchOS), Convert It (macOS), Print Selection (macOS), and Puppy Snake (tvOS), each can be found on their respective app stores. I took each of these apps from paper drawing board through development, testing, and production release. I have personally handled over 3,600 customer support tickets related to these apps and pushed continual updates that have resulted in over 7.5 million end user upgrade events.
    ⇢ Followed Agile methods to break complex projects into simpler ones.
    Using my physics background, I break up hard problems into smaller easier problems. My favorite organizational tool to do this is a Trello Board. My sprints are typically a week long with a showcase at the end of the week.
    ⇢ Communicated with companies to complete contracts and meet deadlines.
    On occasion, I have worked on contract to help another company cross the finish line. After listening and understanding the business requirements I have completed the work on time and according to the agreed upon compensation.
    ⇢ Negotiated contracts with affiliate resellers and promotional groups.
    By seeking out additional digital store fronts to carry and promote Chimp Studios software, I was able to increase YoY profit by 19%.

  • Co-Owner, Red Brick Apartments - Aug/2016 - Oct/2018 - Bloomington, IL

    ⇢ Analyzed market rents to maximize gross income.
    Increased gross income by 5.5% by strategically raising below market rents while leaving at market rents alone.
    ⇢ Evaluated cost/benefits of different housing upgrades.
    Compared carpet, laminate, and vinyl flooring choices with a goal of maximizing longevity versus the cost of materials and labor. After reducing each material choice into a ratio of viable working life divided by the total cost, it was simple to pick a winner based off numerical data. A similar data driven decision process was made for other choices.
    ⇢ Managed a portfolio of residential units and fostered working relationships.
    Something as simple as listening and promptly addressing tenant complaints can and has had a positive impact on company profit by reducing tenant turnover and preventing minor maintenance issues from turning into bigger ones.

  • Lead Mac/iOS Developer, FIPLAB Ltd. - Oct/2011 - May/2012 - London, UK - Remote

    ⇢ Led development of top ranking apps such as Disk Doctor, NotesTab, and Battery Health used daily by millions of customers.
    I reported directly to C level executives and developed macOS and iOS apps. I provided daily updates of project progression and worked to make the geographical differences disappear (there was a 6 hour time difference due to remote work status).
    ⇢ Provided tier 3 customer support.
    If the first tier customer support could not resolve the issue and tier two CS had questions or needed confirmation then I would be brought into the escalation ladder. If a CS ticket reached tier 3 it was usually a code level bug that would need to be replicated, found (via extensive debugging), and patched.
    ⇢ Advised executives on future projects and timelines.

  • Previous Experiences:

    ⇢ Summer intern for State Farm Inc., 9 weeks in 2009.
    My primary responsibility as test analyst was the porting of a visual basic 6 developer tool to java. The tool integrated several MS Access databases to generate data dynamically. At the end of the internship I trained my full-time replacement in the usage and maintenance of the tool.


2009 B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Millikin University

⇢ Concentration in computer science. Conducted a project on swarm robotics.


React, React Native, Redux, Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, Java, Git, SQL, HTML, CSS, npm, Single Page Applications (SPAs), ES6